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Hi, I’m Jasmine Willois!

This website is designed with one goal in mind: to provide potential clients, limited partners, and community members with an in-depth understanding of who I am and what I stand for.
As a seasoned stakeholder (over 25 years) in the alternative investment sector, I understand the paramount importance of mitigating operational risk for accredited investors like yourself striving to attain specific passive income objectives.


Hello there! I’m Jasmine Willois, your dedicated private equity champion. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. My main aim here is to provide potential clients, limited partners, and community members with a chance to truly understand who I am and what I stand for. As someone deeply entrenched in the alternative investment industry, I understand the risks that accredited investors like me face when striving to achieve specific passive income goals. And let me tell you, one of the biggest hurdles we encounter is operational risk.
Operational risk? It’s essentially the risk of loss stemming from failed or inadequate internal processes, systems, or even people. Trust me, I’ve seen it all too often. You might have the perfect asset class lined up, and the timing might be spot on, but if things go awry at the operational level, it can throw everything off course.
When it comes to selecting a general partner, it’s crucial to do your homework. Background checks, vibe checks, asking for referrals, these are all essential steps. You want to know their experience inside out and have a good grasp of their track record. As a champion of passive income and the leader of a community that I founded back in 2013, it’s my responsibility to arm our members with the knowledge and access they need to extraordinary opportunities. So, consider this website your gateway to a world of potential. I’m thrilled to welcome you here, and I’m eagerly looking forward to the chance to connect with you soon. 😊
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Jasmine’s consultancy services are enriched by her extensive expertise spanning over 30 years across real estate, financial services, human resources, and debt management. Since 2019, she has captivated audiences as a nationally syndicated podcast host, offering invaluable insights on 1st trust deed mortgage note investing through her acclaimed Naked Notes Podcast. Dive into Naked Notes Podcast today, available on all major podcast platforms and YouTube
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