Expand your Legacy with Eleos Capital Group

Wealth building opportunities for investors and overlooked communities that power tomorrow's economy


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Our Story

Eleos Capital Group is a distinguished minority and women-led alternative asset management firm, which draws inspiration from our namesake, the Greek goddess of compassion. We employ intentional and compassionate investing to enhance liquidity in the secondary mortgage market to support innovative homeownership opportunities in today’s dynamic market.


Expand your Legacy with Eleos

Wealth building opportunities for investors and overlooked communities that power tomorrow's economy

Expand your Legacy with Eleos

Win on Entry

Our exclusive sourcing and inventory acquisition methodologies empower us to secure high-quality assets capable of fulfilling our return objectives from the very first day.

Strong Due Diligence

We prioritize excellence through a robust process that serves as the foundation of our return strategy. Our time tested approach to due diligence, asset valuation, and documentation analysis ensures that the notes we acquire meet our stringent requirements, enabling us to achieve the anticipated returns upon exit.

Creative Deal Structuring

Our proficiency in developing creative deal structures at every stage of the deal life cycle enables us to deploy multiple strategies to add value to assets and effectively mitigate risk, thereby enhancing our portfolio's performance during asset exit.

Operational Excellence / In House Expertise

With our extensive in-house experience in managing both performing and non-performing notes, we possess the ability to optimize operations, drive cost efficiencies, and execute with utmost efficiency, leveraging the finest available resources.

Create Win-Win Scenario for Borrowers

Through our proprietary process, we adopt a relationship-centered approach when engaging with our borrowers, fostering mutually beneficial outcomes that create win-win scenarios for both parties involved.

Expansive Network & Partnerships

Drawing upon our global network and strong banking relationships, we are able to forge strategic partnerships that enable us to consistently access compelling assets and present highly promising investment opportunities.